April 19, 2006

Crazy bitch probly did kill her husband

So this millionare's wife sent these e-mails to his sister saying she wanted to pummel his ass while he was sleeping.

He suddenly turns up dead just a bit before he was gonna be fried for illegal money activity and shit.

Also good to mention that his brother was killed by HIS wife, who poisoned his ass with a strawberry milkshake then bludgeoned him to death.

I think it runs in the family. I mean it only makes sense that the other brother would marry a crazy bitch, too.

She may or may not have cut him, but either way she was fuckin funny. She was all pissed in one e-mail cause he had built a pole in the garage to protect his expensive cars.

"Do you know that I intentionally bang into the thing everytime I park in the garage as an act of defiance."

Fuckin A. Rich crazy pyscho bitch wives are the best... until they kill your ass!

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