April 10, 2006

Congresswoman or not, she'll bitch slap your ass!

i'll slap a slut!

We all knew Naomi Campbell was a crazy ass bitch who would beat your ass down, but never would we think a member of Congress was capable of such fisticuffs.

Apparently this bitch was crossin through security without her 'pin' and when accosted by the officer, she smacked his shit right in the grill! Then she didn't even apologize, she started some big media scandal.

This has obviously started concern that representatives will start "taking care" of their whiney constituents... by beatin your ass!

EDIT!!! The crazy ho apologized. She didn't want her ass in trouble, so she was all like "Yeah, I shouldn't of smacked that sucka... but don't fuck with my black ass!"

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