April 11, 2006

Confusing ass election still not over

i like pizza!

So Berlusconi and Prodi are still battling it out as all the votes are being counted, and it looks like Prodi is winning.

Most of you are asking, "who the fuck are these people and why do I care?"

Well Prodi is centre-left, and isn't a big fan of Bush. Berlusconi is a big Bush ally in the Iraq war and has been an incumbent for 5 years (longest run in Italy since WWII).

Either way they are both douche bags (Berlusconi consisting of Christians, former Nazis and racists while Prodi consisting of Crazy Catholics, Gays, and Commies), so have fun with that shit Italy.

EDIT!!! Well Prodi won by 25,000 votes. Good for him, after all he loves hard core Catholics, athiest Commies, and the Gays. First Mandisa loses, now Prodi wins, watch out the gay mafia will kill your ass with pink bullets and shit.

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