April 17, 2006

Bush's New Chief of Staff to Put the Smack Down!

Bushy really has had a bad go of things in recent years. His approval ratings are dismal. He's shoved the country into a debt so huge, we may never crawl out.

So good ole' Bushy decided to shake things up by pulling in a new Chief of Staff. The Ass Clown in question is Joshua Bolten.

Joshua has been sneaking around to the various rooms of the White House, sticking his head and giggling while threatening the current staff. He has promised a shake-up with fresh and exciting changes.

The only thing this guy will be doing is lines off of Bushy's desk, right next to Jenna. As far as some of the old warhorses in the White House, I'd like to see Mr. Bolten a.k.a. Ass Clown come in there and tell them to get the fuck out.

I can't wait for the Karl Rove/Joshua Bolten sex scandal. You just know it's coming...

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