April 17, 2006

Book Review. Yes Bitches, I Read!

I, unlike my brother Sammy, have a strong affection for collections of written words known as novels.


Hehe. It just sounds funny. Alas, I recently finished Dead to the World, a story about a telepathic waitress who lives in a world where Vampires were outed and embraced as public citizens.

This book is the fourth of the series, and my favorite thus far. She ends up finding this ToolBox of a vampire named Eric, running around the streets buck-ass naked. So what does she do? She takes him in to her house and fucks him good.

Not only that, but she has to fight witches to save his ass! Oh and this big Werewolf (oh and the imbred were-panther too) wants to do her too, but she's not having any! She only wants the amnesiac vampire loving! She also wants to fuck her boss, her former vampire boyfriend Bill and just about any hot man that comes her way. This chick, Sookie Stackhouse, is awesome! A telepathic slut who knows how to get her some!

All the while, her narration is some funny shit. She actually murders bitches when they try to kill her! An ex-g/f of the Werewolf tries to shoot her ass, so she plugs the bitch and hides the body! It sounds far more gory than it actually is, but I say check it out.

Bottom Line: Any bitch that gets that much action and will shoot a bitch deserves to be read about. Go check out Sookie Stackhouse and her adventures.

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