April 20, 2006

Bloggers beware: The Pentagon is after your ass


The Pentagon is "looking into" several blogs by soldiers that criticize Rumsfeld, causing a major debate. Soldiers are not allowed to "attack" the President or other government leaders, but they are allowed to criticize. The problem is that simple criticisms can be seen as something different and the government can come after your ass.

Of course these bloggers are using fake names, but you know they'll use illegal means to hunt down these "internet terrorists" and find their ip addresses and babymomma's houses and break in and kidnap their asses.

Watch out soldiers! Be careful! You never know when Uncle Rummy is gonna come knockin to dickslap your face for bashin his old ass.

Lets hope since I am a private civilian that I am safe. Lord knows newslined has been talkin some shit, and will continue. Cause we won't stand for pederasses and old jackoffs with a terminal case of stick-up-the-ass in our government! We are the unknown unknowns! (But hopefully we will become the known unknowns, or even the knowns, cause lord knows my ass wants to be known for something.)

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