April 21, 2006

Bitch gets put in prison for being fucking obnoxious

This bitch got put in prison cause she's so fucking loud and obnoxious her neighbors were suffering "physical harm."

Basically the crazy person, Mrs Noisy she has been dubbed, bangs on pots and yells insults at passerbys, and plays loud music. She's like your typical local hobo that everyone knows, but much more fun. I fucking love this woman. She's fucking insane!

I want one. She would be my pet, and I would take her around and be like, go annoy those twats, and she'd run at them banging on shit and grring at them and yelling at them in her weird ching chongy language how they are ugly fat whores and she hates them, and she'd be all drunk so it would come out all

"ughg chingyy ghoppa ghoppa ghonorrea stupiiieeewhoreruts rah rah grrr lakhfakhf MAAAHHHH JAPAFUCKAGUHBA."

It would be fucking genius!

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